Learn What @RevolutionR Does And Who They Do It For In This Conversation Between @RevoDavid and @Scobleizer

In the video below and at this link David Smith, VP of Marketing and Community of Revolution Analytics, talks about the open sourced programming language “R” and how Revolution Analytics is enabling data scientists and statisticians get the most from this language and data. He is interviewed by Robert Scoble, they pioneering startup journalist and early adopter.

Listen in to learn how the open source language “R” has impacted data scientists and statisticians today and how its’ product “Revolution R Enterprise” is building on top of the programming language to work with Big Data on a scalable model.

One thing I like about Revolution Analytics and R is the way they work so well with key infrastructure players in Big Data, including Cloudera, Platfora, Pentaho.

For more see: http://revolutionanalytics.com